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The House by the River

The actual painting of "The House by the River" created decades ago by my Uncle Mack... the inspiration behind



In general, novelists endeavor to create a compelling narration. I do it a little differently. My hero speaks to you directly. You hear it from his lips, you see what he sees, and you feel what he feels about the people and events in his life—past and present… a good life that is turned upside-down by a coldblooded few, one that is impossible to leave behind no matter how hard he tries. In short, you are engaged in a personal conversation with Robert Bennett, architect, husband, nephew, next of kin, suspect, and victim; the principal character in NO FORCED ENTRY.

I encourage you to read Bennett’s story

Get to know him as he speaks to you, and takes you into his confidence. Accompany him from New York City to the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains of California and beyond, experiencing an unpredictable and deadly voyage of discovery, all from the safety of your own chair. I believe you will truly enjoy the ride.

Robert Max

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